Custom Welding Service

At Jack's we offer all types of welding applications: mig, tig, arc, brazing of cast-iron and aluminum. Our certified welders can repair heavy equipment, fix or make intricate designs, and create metal art. If you can bring it in we can fix it or build whatever you have in mind.Custom welded cart

  • If you break it we can fix it.
  • If you can dream it we can build it.
  • Learn about our custom bumpers

Custom welding starts at $80.00 per hour for shop time and goes up depending on the type of materials used and custom finishing. We do not provide a mobile welding service. We only weld at our shop. If you can get it here, we can weld it.

Custom Pump truck flatbed

Custom Flatbed

Headache Rack and Tool box

Toolbox Design

big headache rack

Custom Racks

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Contact us to arrange for custom work or get a quote on a custom bumper.