Authorized Quake LED Lights Dealer

Jack’s Bumper has recently become an authorized dealer of Quake lights. At Jack’s, we have been installing these lights for years, well aware of their superior performance qualities. Quake has designed their LED lights around off-road use, making them a durable, reliable and versatile choice. Quake lights come with a variety of features to choose from. A large selection of light sizes, light beam and pattern choices, lumen value, beam color, plus light controllers, are all available to meet your needs. Learn more about Quake Lights.

We will help you select the light package that will work best for you and your vehicle. Then we will create custom mounts, light bars, light cut-outs, and protective coverings accordingly. Our knowledge of Quake lights and the ability to make customized light mounts will give you the best light combination. Contact Us today to get started.

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